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Work is good for your health and well-being

Although this blog may seem mainly occupied with dangers and risks of work and working, I am convinced that work is essentially good for us in many ways. Working is better for our health than being without employment. One of the important studies into this subject came from Gordon Waddell and Kim Burton: IS WORK GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING? (2006). You can read the review online, but here is their main conclusion:

“There is a strong evidence base showing that work is generally good for physical and mental health and well-being. Worklessness is associated with poorer physical and mental health and well-being. Work can be therapeutic and can reverse the adverse health effects of unemployment. That is true for healthy people of working age, for many disabled people, for most people with common health problems and for social security beneficiaries.
The provisosare that account must be taken of the nature and quality of work and its social context; jobs should be safe and accommodating. Overall, the beneficial effects of work outweigh the risks of work, and are greater than the harmful effects of long-term unemployment or prolonged sickness absence. Work is generally good for health and well-being.”


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