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Insurance and claim data on occupational diseases

Last year, the number of occupational disease claims rose by 6% according to figures from the Center for Insurance Statistics (CVS) in the Netherlands. More than three quarters of these claims relate to asbestos-related diseases. The reports of mesothelioma increased by 10% and its financial burden increased by 72% to 10 million euros.

The annual financial burden of all occupational diseases is 14 million euros. This burden increased by 46% in 2008 as compared to 2007 . Nellie Martens, linked to the Asbestos Institute, explains the long latency of asbestos: it takes on average 38 years before mesothelioma becomes visible. Since only in 1993 the asbestos ban went into force, it is to be expected that more patients will be diagnosed in the coming years. Until 2017 the number of victims will remain stable or rise slightly, and after that the number decreased gradually.

The average claim size of occupational diseases has increased slightly over 2008 and came out to almost 31,000 euros. Mesothelioma claims increased the most, rising almost 20%. The RSI claims have fallen sharply in the past six years.


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