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Internet and health care

Interesting view on Health 2.0 made by Lucien Engelen from the Reshape 2009 conference in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Hope you can understand, because it is partly in Dutch. It’s called Internet and Health Care.

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Web 3.0 and Medicine

Although I only recently discovered Medicine 2.0, there is already the concept of Web 3.0 and Medicine. A short and useful explanation of it and of the differences between 2.0 and 3.0 is in this BMJ editorial Web 3.0 and medicine

From the same author is this article Cho A, Giustini D. Web 3.0 and health librarians: an introduction. Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association. 29:13-18, 2008.

Related to the former blogpost “Revenge of the experts”

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Explaining Medicine 2.0

To me, medicine 2.0 is a very recent but appealing concept. For those who know as much as I do, an explanation I found on the web (of course!):

Medicine 2.0 is a combination of medicine and web 2.0: interactive use of digital tools to learn, communicate, keep up with literature and so on. Click on this Power Point presentation to get a short description. 

How web 2.0 is changing medicine: an editorial in BMJ about web 2.0

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New medical search engine

Bertalan Meskó is a medical student with a lot of interest in Medicine 2.0. He comes up with a search engine for medical articles which combines a lot of sources. You can read the reasons why in his interesting blog-post “Do you hate Pubmed? Here is the solution!”

I think it’s an interesting addition on PubMed and Google scholar. Just try it!

Scienceroll search

Scienceroll Medical Search is a personalized medical metasearch engine. You can choose the databases you want to search in and exclude any of them to make your search as individualized as possible.

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Revenge of the experts?

“The individual user has been king on the Internet, but the pendulum seems to be swinging back toward edited information vetted by professionals.”

“Revenge of the experts?” is an interesting article in Newsweek, published on March, 6th and written by Tony Dokoupil, on the return of the professional or expert on the Internet after the “era of the amateur”.

One of the examples named is Google’s experiment with Knol, a Wikipedia-like Web site produced by “authoritative” sources (screenshot) and a new “people powered”search engine called Mahalo.

You can read comments about it on blogs like Medical 2.0 by Dr.Uri Ginzburg.

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